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Fish Tank 69: Higuchi Yutaka & Yagami Toll


Hello darlings~ 
We’ve just updated the site with two interviews from Fish Tank 69, Toll and Yuuta’s! 

Higuchi Yutaka:
And they said, “My one complaint about the members’ position is that with the way they were lined up, with Yuuta-san in the center, it made their lineup look dented. Then it was explained to them that like that, they formed a double V sign” *smiles*.
Right, that’s why we reformed the line. But sadly that’s just how things are in our band, they use me like that (as a unit of measure), you know one Yuunit but c’mon I’m not that short! *laughs*

Full interview here:

Yagami Toll:
A fan who was in the audience said, “Yagami-san’s speech of, ‘We’ll do our best to do all that we can for as long we can, so I hope you will all continue to support us’ was really moving.”
Well I mean, I know we’ve been doing this a long time but, you know we can’t quit this, not when we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do what we want. And I think it’s because we take everyone’s feelings into account too. So I’m gonna do this till my body craps out on me *laughs*. That’s why I said, “All that we can, for as long as we can”

Full interview here:

Enjoy the read!

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